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Sep 14
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If I had to make $10,000 in the next 30 days through Instagram starting with - $0 - 0 Followers - 0 Skills - 0 clients - 0 Connections Here's what I would do 🧵

There are 100s of ways to make money online... I've personally tried about 20+ different ways before building a 7-figure business Here's one of my favorite ways to make $10k/mo through Instagram starting from $0
It's called "high ticket affiliate" marketing Before you leave & think "that is such bs", stick with me, bc I have a unique twist how to make this lucrative AF
In the last 6 months, we witnessed how Tate used organic content + affiliate marketing not only to grow his business but also helped a bunch of teens make 6-figures Let me show you how to tweak this model into a more efficient + sustainable one...
Step 1.1 - Pick an influencer Courses are popping, so I would browse different niches on Youtube to find a person with - A high-ticket course ($1k+) - A ton of content Alternatively, pick a niche that has many skilled creators (f.e AirBnB)
Step 1.2 - Secure the % DM / E-Mail the influencer & ask them t become an affiliate for them. On a course, you should get 25 - 50% (I know so from experience) Every $1k sale = MIN. $250 in commissions Set your affiliate link up and move to step 2
Step 2 - Option A If you focus on 1 influencer, create an account called *name*clips or *name*moments. Just quickly ensure they are cool with it. Next up, scroll through their content and cut up the most valuable/controversial bits into short-form clips.
The goal is to create content that - Positions their vehicle as the right one - Goes against the "status quo" - Shows personal beliefs that resonate with the target audience - Display the person's expertise Alternatively..
Step 2 - Option B Find the 5 - 10 biggest creators in the space & create a "theme page" F.e "airbnbauthority" Find the 50 - 100+ best performing pieces of content Repurpose them on your account by posting 2-3x pieces of content Create your own theme content for bonus points
Step 3 - Lead Gen If you do Step 2 properly, you should experience solid growth after 10 - 20 days Start posting stuff on stories related to the business & it's opportunities Posting screenshots of creators stories is fair game as long as credit is given And now, PITCH THEM
Drop a "call to action" for them to send you a DM to learn how they can get started When they slide into those DMs, it's time to get paid
Step 4 - Close the deal Use the DMs to qualify & nurture leads Create a google PDF where you break down the course & why it's a great investment Do a value stack + make the price sound like a steal... If they want to buy, send them the link
Let's run the numbers You need max 40 sales to make $10k On average, 10% of leads convert if you did your job on the content side All you need is 400 leads You should gain 10k followers in 20 - 25 days across IG + TikTok w/ good content, which will result in minimum 400 leads
Will this be a walk in the park? NO Is making $10k/mo meant to be easy? NO But, here's why I like this model: 1) Beginner friendly You can be a dumbass with no skills and still make this work
2) Scalability Think past the first 30 days If you build an audience of 50k, 100k, 200k followers, you can take this to $20k - $50k+ per month at least But not only that
Once you figured it out for 1 niche, you can rinse + repeat your approach across multiple niches and turn it into a real business
3) Simplicity - Watch content - cut & edit content - Post content - Answer DMs 3-4h of youtube tutorials give you all the skills you need to succeed And it costs you literally $0 to do any of these things... Hard to come by anything better
This is how I'd go to make $10,000 in 30 days starting LITERALLY from 0 If you want me to expand on this series, retweet this & follow me @Jeremy Moser
Jeremy Moser

Jeremy Moser

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