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Gwen Snyder is uncivil


Sep 14

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One of the single most wild things I discovered when I started doing research on extremism is that there is ACTUALLY a satanist cult that endorses horrific abuse of children. They just happen to exist on the far right, not anywhere near where the panickers are looking.

Brandy Zadrozny


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It will shock you to learn that hours after publishing a story about a new wave of satanic panic, my inbox is full of randos calling me a … satanic pedophile.…

Baseless accusations are branding people as satanist pedophiles at the speed of the internet — just ask a GOP prosecutor who recently lost re-election.…

Boosted by QAnon and mainstream conservatives, satanic panic spreads online and through local...

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Atomwaffen (pro-terror edgelord Nazis) wasn't exactly great shape after its members started murdering each other, but really the final nail was one of these satanist Nazis taking over and putting a book with graphic descriptions of child rape on their recommended reading list.

It was a bridge too far even for the Atomwaffen crowd, who are not exactly known for their aversion to edgelordery.

Accusations of structural pedophilia are certainly a projection on the part of QAnon and the far right. The satanism part, not as much, it's fringe of the fringe. But it's telling that these folks would pretend when the satanist Nazis are right there.…

I’ve always had the sense that was intentional

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Gwen Snyder is uncivil


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