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Sep 15

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Gm Introducing - Omnichain dynamic strategy vaults. Secure and non-custodial asset management protocol. removes the limitation of trade-strategies bound to one specific chain. Let’s dive deeper 1/11 🧵…

2. Launching the new standard for user-managed dynamic strategy vaults on @LayerZero Labs . Depositors get exposure to new market verticals and strategies. Managers receive the best toolkit in the industry with the simplest, cleanest UI. By degens, (not just) for degens.

3. Vault managers can select protocols with the best returns throughout different chains. That maximises returns and enables managers to come up with unlimited creative ways to generate and earn yield.

4. What are strategy vaults? Strategy vaults are secure & trustless funds on-chain. The vault manager defines the strategy of the vault, pre-selects needed instruments, and starts making omnichain trades. All of it secured by CPIT security module.

5. How omnichain vaults work and why are they such a big deal? Vaults created on our platform can execute strategies with combinations of protocols that just couldn’t be done before.

6. Picture this: Alice, the vault manager, borrows USDC from @Aave on Ethereum, where the interest rate is the most attractive. Then she uses these funds to go to @GMX 🫐 on @Arbitrum and execute a perpetual trade, while also underwriting options at @Premia 💎 on OP.

7. Why is it interesting for depositors? TL;DR: Depositors get exposure to the different investment niches (DeFi, GameFi, Infrastructure, etc) in an omnichain environment, where they are not limited to protocols on one chain. Run by professional web3 asset managers. CPIT Secured

8. How we innovate security for depositors? We solve for speed & security with the Cumulative Price Impact Tolerance (CPIT) mechanism. CPIT provides tool flexibility while limiting nefarious players from influencing vaults. More about CPIT coming soon.

9. Transparency and public track record. View all the desired vault’s insights: returns, individual trading performances, portfolio, actions, and holders. This enables traders to build their on-chain track record, eliminating biases and gaining provable credibility.

10. New DAO Treasury management standard. We tailored feature set that simplifies DAO treasury management. Diversity of tools from low-risk instruments like swaps and staking to perpetuals. Transparency for the community. Manager delegation. Multisig management.

11. Wen? Testnet deployment of with a trading competition is coming soon. We’ll be rolling our invite codes for a select FEW who join our discord early👀 there may or may not be further perks for doing so RT to max your chance


Omnichain dynamic strategy vaults. Secure and non-custodial asset management protocol. Built on @LayerZero_Labs Testnet coming soon.

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