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Sep 16, 2022
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Taekook au Jungkook and his oral fixation is no secret. His obsession with Taehyung’s hands isn’t one either. But on a hot September evening, both of these chose to combine. It’s /maddening/ and involuntary when words just slip out of his mouth— “your fingers…”

—This isn’t explicitly 🔞 but still 🔞 so minors, you need to walk away NOW please — I wrote this in a drunk stupor once but the events today have compelled me to post this i CANT STOP — be back in a minute, if this flops it’ll be a double regret ong
Jungkook has never quite been able to hide his (ginormous) fascination with Taehyung’s hands.
Even back when they were just friends, he would find himself delightfully bewitched at the slenderness of the digits; would hold his hands and feel a weird satisfaction weaving his fingers between them and just… holding them.
But things took an acceleration for the absolute wild when they started dating. Suddenly the boundaries of ‘appropriateness’ were blurring, the things that chained his desires in hushed whispers inside the deepest part of his brain had broken, now yelling right in front.
He tested the waters very slowly. Which brings them to this evening when they idly laid on the bed of his dorm, him splayed on the older’s tummy diagonally, to hot for a full cuddle but still worth the touches,
Jungkook clutched Taehyung’s right hand in both of his.
Out of the corner of his eye he notices Taehyung busy scrolling on his phone, paying no attention. He interlaces their hands together.
Absent-mindedly still, Taehyung rubs the pad of his thumb softly on the back of his hand.
He feels so weird, like a bloated rain cloud is casting a heavy shadow on the rational part of his thoughts. He doesn’t understand much but this incessant need to /taste/ it.
He twists his hand to hold the fingers in his palm.
How bad could it be? Sure enough there are far worse things a couple is supposed to have in each other’s mouth than one (maybe three) fingers? They’ve only just started.
Hazily he glances back at Taehyung still hooked to his screen (thank god for which), then again at the fingers on his palm. So thin and long and neat chipped nails clean with nail beds longer than the normal.
They look… delicious.
Someday, when he’s not magnificently blinded by the primal gall overcoming his senses, he will find time to die about this but now… his tongue pokes out of his mouth and swipes over his lips.
Only when a bead of his spit drops down from the tip of his tongue on his palm, right beside Taehyung’s finger, does he realise he’s salivating. Too much. That’s too much.
It’s his boyfriend for fuck’s sake. He can… at least have a lick, right? Right.
The entire length of his tongue hangs out then, he approaches the hand and swipes it over the length of the index finger. The taste is salty but nothing like what he’s ever tasted.
Immediately, Taehyung’s phone scrolling stops and he spares a glance at the younger across his abdomen, and Jungkook sees it.
He’d thought he would recoil and back off at the idea of Taehyung catching him like this, but oh no. It pumps something so, so brave inside him that he is taken by surprise.
He turns to look into Taehyung’s eyes, who then lowers his phone to discard it on the bed. Taehyung’s gaze on him is sharp, predatory, and it darkens the more Jungkook leans down. “Hyungie… your fingers…”
He lifts up the index finger then, eyes still locked into his boyfriend’s dark /dark/ ones, and puts it into his mouth.
Taehyung’s sharp inhale is loud, or maybe his senses are hyper-aware, but Jungkook decides not to let that get to him, and he sinks down on the finger.
He salivates more profusely than he ever has, even his favourite foods don't hold a candle to this. Jungkook exhales nasally when the finger twitches inside his mouth. His hand over Taehyung’s naked chest makes him realise the older just had a full-body shudder.
That’s how his first inhibition shatters free.
He grazes his teeth to feel the callus skin, ridge by ridge, he drags up the digit. Slowly then he wraps his lips to round about the finger tightly & sinks back down. A trail of drool leaks from his mouth and onto the hand he sucks, only facilitating his up and down movements.
He feels Taehyung’s body move under his hand, the older sits up and guides him too, never moving the finger. When they’re seated, a nail scratches on Jungkook’s bottom lip. Perforcely it parts his mouth open and the second finger smoothly slides inside.
With mouth now stuffed with one drenched wet finger and one relatively dry, Jungkook finds a mass to suck over. Its abundantly pacifying when the skin brushes over the rough of his tongue. He sucks harder.
Now with both of them sitting, his drool draws to gravity and trickles down his lips, then chin then finally when it tickles somewhere on his throat that Taehyung’s erratic breathing stills.
Jungkook sucks with all his might the more Taehyung’s face nears his throat and then pauses altogether just as shockingly when there’s tongue touching his neck.
Warm wet breath draws an echo line on his neck and collar bones, his jaw unhinges into a moan and there’s more drool that seeps out. He has never felt so turned on to the point that his vision gives out; And he’s only just, what, taken Taehyung’s fingers in his mouth?
The mentioned fingers then press down on his tongue, hard force, his mouth goes slack before regaining the strength to push back against them.
Experimentally, Taehyung slides his fingers inside a little more. They brush over the roof of his mouth before the nails are scratching vaguely on his soft palate inside. He tears up.
“Ok?” He nods eagerly, drool pooling like a basin in his mouth. Fervently he moves along when the fingers start to move back and forth and back and forth against his teeth, tongue and palate.
With every movement Taehyung inquests his limits, dragging them deeper and deeper until the pooled tears spill over, circling his cheeks like the prettiest frame.
His nails dig into the flesh of Taehyung’s thighs and claws them down animalistically. They must’ve lacerated possibly, if Taehyung’s wince is to go by, but none of them have the spare to look.
On one deepest thrust of hand, Jungkook gags. The spit on the lower lip slimily hangs into a thread down. Taehyung promptly pulls his hand out, eyes glossy with a strange satisfaction.
But. Right by the lips, Jungkook holds Taehyung’s wrist and bores him a stare all sex. Slowly with the finesse of a Blue jay, he pushes to let the fingers sink in his mouth again, deep till it hits the wall of his throat.
“Fuck, you’re a dream!” Taehyung grits through his teeth and brings his other hand to wrap around Jungkook’s neck loosely, all sticky from the heat and spit.
Even though the hand isn’t wrapped tight at all, Jungkook loses breath, too clouded and lost in what he can only guess is a dream. Taehyung lets him guide his hand in and out, again and again hitting the back of his throat, bruising, painfully delicious.
One last gag shakes him. Leaves his eye muscles aching and a heavy batch of fresh tears rolling out. It’s the cue for Taehyung to pull out.
And the moment he does, only to turn his hand and lick his own fingers clean, Jungkook feels a thrill strike him enough to make the room spin.
The clouds wash away abruptly, leave him trembling like an autumn leaf. “Shit.” He feels Taehyung’s hand pressing in front of his boxers and only then does he realise the obvious wet patch in front of them. He flushes red.
Dizzy and tired with a sore jaw, he plops front on Taehyung’s chest and giggles sleepily. The hand now pets his hair, he feels a kiss there.
Sleep comes knocking and he feels like this could actually be the best nap he’s had in a while.
But. Taehyung is pushing him to lay down and floating smugly over him with a grin. “You’re real funny if you think my fingers and your mouth are done with their jobs.”
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