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Sep 19

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Family of US contractor Mark Frerichs, held more than 2 years in #Afghanistan by the #Taliban, says he's been freed.

#Taliban confirm Frerichs was freed by them in exchange for convicted heroin trafficker Haji Bashir Noorzai, jailed in the US since 2005.

Statements from @President Biden and @Secretary Antony Blinken on the release of @U.S. Navy veteran Mark Frerichs.

Frerichs appears to be in stable condition after his release, according to a US official.

"The support that we received from our Qatari partners, as well, was key in securing his release," says @Secretary Antony Blinken in remarks at the Foreign Press Center in NYC. "Mark's soon going to be reunited with his family."

Details from @Ayaz Gul:…

Mark Frerichs was abducted in Kabul in early 2020…

Taliban Free Last American Hostage in Afghanistan in Prisoner Swap

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