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Sep 19

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The Left staked its claim to the culture war that America is fundamentally racist, relying on racial hysteria. Yet they cannot find proof, thus the surge in imaginary racism, from Smollett to BYU to selective outrage. Demand for racism outstrips supply:…

The demand for racism continues to outstrip the supply, increasing the supply of imaginary racism. Case in point: the reaction to the story of Rachel…

Demand For Racism Outstrips Supply, Increasing Supply Of Imaginary Racism

The Left relies on racial hysteria. Without it, Dems couldn't demand a specific gender-race combo for a VP and Supreme Court Justice. BLM couldn't have burned cities.Companies couldn't install "anti-racist" but actually racist training programs. Column…

How important is racial division? The careers and profits of Joy Reid and corrupt civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump depend on it.

To spread racial hysteria, the corporate media decided to essentially only cover hate/violent crimes w/white perps. A study found that American newspapers are more likely to mention a perp or killer’s race if they are white than black at a 7 to 1 ratio!!…

Here’s a chart to show the media’s disparate coverage of a perp’s race (regarding tweet/column above):

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