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Sep 19

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this is a chicken the atlantic is never going to stop fucking

The Atlantic


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"I oppose indoctrinating kids into any one viewpoint, regardless of whether the one being reified is Catholic or evangelical or feminist or Muslim or gender-critical or queer-theorist or individualist or that of an LGBTQ activist," writes @Conor Friedersdorf:

Schools should tell children to be themselves. But some districts say too much—and mistake progressive dogma for established fact.

What to Teach Young Kids About Gender

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friedersdork has a lot of opinions about what should be and should not be appropriate in child education for someone with absolutely zero training, knowledge or expertise in child education

this is a very editorial columnist way to think about childhood education

like, i am *not* an early childhood education expert, which is one reason why i defer to those experts on what is and is not appropriate at different ages, which is why i will never be a columnist at the atlantic



if you like me, i am shamelessly going to promote @tragicloverspdx. if not, well, you can always yell at me here.

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