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Sep 19

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a thing that i think the media got really wrong about youngkin is that youngkin *is* the median republican, and what they got wrong is that the median republican is a reactionary asshole lunatic.…

The Virginia governor is hitting the trail for Republican candidates for governor as he gets buzz as a possible 2024 candidate.…

Youngkin to hold Arizona events supporting Lake

all of the superficial shit about how he wasn't like trump is exactly that: superficial. fundamentally, even the superficially mild-mannered republicans are pretty dangerous radicals.

mitt romney is a dinosaur who survived the chicxulub impact but is the last of his species

the median republican believes that the election was stolen from donald trump and the difference between him and the extremist is whether or not they believe people ought to be murdered for it



if you like me, i am shamelessly going to promote @tragicloverspdx. if not, well, you can always yell at me here.

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