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Sep 19

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"Let's teach adolescent girls to love their bodies, as long as they're cis" (paraphrasing the original tweet, not Florence's QT, of course)

Instructor Florence Ashley


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Debra Soh getting as close as she can to openly promoting trans conversion practices without having the courage to say it outright.

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Here's a thought: if someone isn't a girl, it's pretty creepy to tell them "you, a girl, should love your female body. Your female body is so lovable. I find it so appealing!", especially when you're an adult and they're a teenager

Another thought: "body positivity" is pretty toxic when it's used to override bodily autonomy, which it almost always is! Not just for trans people.

And I don't just mean "don't get a breast aug, I, a total stranger, demand that you force yourself to love your body the way it is instead". I also mean, "giving birth is a beautiful part of what your ~female body~ does, so you won't be needing abortion access"

Somehow, we accept that sometimes people renovate their houses (when people are lucky enough to have a house) and sometimes they choose to live with it the way it is...

...And somehow, pluralism about what people accept and what they change is much less popular in re: the flesh vessels we live in, compared to the built structures our flesh vessels live in

Your body is yours and you can accept aspects of it while changing other aspects that it brings you joy to change, just as you would with a house you lived in. How about telling young people that, instead of "body positivity"?

If you get a tattoo, that doesn't stop anyone else from enjoying their un-tattooed skin. If you get your breasts augmented, reduced, or removed, that doesn't stop anyone else from enjoying their breasts.

To say that my cyborg body somehow stops you from enjoying your organic body is very "gay marriage takes away the sanctity of my heterosexual marriage"

Anyway, how often does “body positivity” mean “I hope to trick you out of exercising agency over your body because its current form is useful to me, whether for sexual purposes or producing future workers “?

“Your body is yours” is a radical statement; it entails more than you might think about how society can be structured and which structures violate it.

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