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1/Cardano has a vibrant ecosystem but some news goes unreported In #LatestOnCardano, I highlight news, minor and major. L1+L2 upgrades, stats, dapps, SPO, NFT, governance, community and more All things Cardano. Irregular but hopefully frequent. Here’s #5 in the series. Pls DYOR

2/Vasil is coming tomorrow. IOG summarised what to expect here… Improved collateral UX, reference scripts/inputs and inline datums are some of the big ones So is diffusion pipelining (faster block propagation and enabling scalability), already active

Increased functionality, performance & scalability; find out what the Vasil upgrade will bring to Cardano…

Vasil: what to expect - IOHK Blog

3/@tangocrypto - Cardano API and NFT platform provides Cardano APIs and added 4 new endpoints relating to scripts, collaterals mints and UTxOs

tangocrypto - Cardano API and NFT platform


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📢 Introducing 4 new API endpoints Hi Cardano developers 👋, have a look at these new features: ✅ List address asset UTXOs ✅ List transaction scripts ✅ List transaction collaterals ✅ List transaction assets mints To learn more: #Cardano #ADA

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4/LiqwidX renamed to @XplorerDAO💫, building “on a vision to innovate in Cardano’s stablecoin and structured DeFi products space” They intend to offer interest-free liquidity. Borrow XPUSD against ADA at 0% interest. One of many stable coins coming to Cardano

As we build towards our v1, we’ve been thinking a lot about our brand and what a decentralized stablecoin ecosystem on Cardano will resemble in the future. With this we’re proud to share: LiqwidX becomes XplorerDAO💫👨🏽‍🚀

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5/The team at @Maladex have a big announcement coming in a few days. Looks like a rebrand, and quite a big one at that Pls have a look at a thread I did about them previously if you’re curious about what they’ll bring to Cardano:…

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6/@Indigo | Synthetic Assets on Cardano published their August tech update, see… Few points: - Ran benchmarks against Vasil integration with great results - Integrated CIP30 (Eternl, Flint, Nami, and GeroWallet - ADA handle integration - Work on Governance Vote Sharding

Monthly Development Update for August Weekly Report 8/6/2022 Ran benchmarks against Vasil integration with great results Investigated CDP specifications for Oracle price expiration and iAsset...…

Monthly Development Update August

Monthly Development Update for August Weekly Report 8/6/2022 Ran benchmarks against Vasil integration with great results Investigated CDP specifications for Oracle price expiration and iAsset...

7/Looks like @NMKR - formerly NFT-MAKER.IO is expanding into gaming (probably was always part of the plan, excuse my ignorance) A Web 3 Sci-Fi MMORPG coming to Cardano, very cool

⏰ Announcement time. ⏰ @Rogue Galaxies is the first official video game NMKR Games will be developing. Rogue Galaxies is a Web 3 Sci-Fi Roguelike MMORPG several thousand years after the evacuation of Earth. Read the announcement and learn more:…

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8/@FluidTokens (Token Very Soon) tweeted about Lucid by @Alessandro | BERRY, highlighting a code reduction of 70% and easier asset selection See Lucid’s Github for more: By the way, @Ada Pulse also wrote about them:…

Ehi @Alessandro | BERRY, we are playing around with lucid in testnet and let us tell you something: You the real MVP🚀🚀🚀 🔵 code reduced by 70% 🔵 coin selection with assets is a piece of cake 🔵 user friendly Can't wait for Vasil for having it on Mainnet 🌊🌊🌊 #Cardano

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9/Notable news as the open source team at CF seems to be expanding, keep an eye on this

Two pieces of news: 1) I’m joining the open source team at @Cardano Foundation to work alongside @KtorZ 2) I’ll be at @Rare Bloom - 🎟 SALES LIVE

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10/@Aada launched succesfully. They kept working hard, yesterday added new tokens as collateral TVL is off to a slow start (creeping up to 1m ADA), but that’s to be expected Impact on CNT markets is already visible, have seen a few small shorts & short squeezes play out

💣 expands with additional token as a collateral Now you can borrow against CNT ❗️We are open for other tokens to be added as a collateral too, but they have to pass our Governance stages, where $AADA holders have voting rights

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11/We saw the launch of @Mercury Chat, a wallet to wallet chat app and some subsequent updates It’s all early days, but this type of functionality in combination with @$handle on a truly decentralised network like Cardano excites me a lot

Proud to announce two new updates to @Mercury Chat! 1) You can now select your Adahandle of choice from the Adahandle selection screen! 2) You can now opt to receive an email once per day whenever you receive a new MercuryChat message!

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12/@Genius X official - Multi-Token ISPO is LIVE! launched its multi token ISPO. You can delegate to one of their pools and earn $SMART, $LTY, $HYN, $REACH and $DG

🚀The Multi-Token ISPO has officially launched 🚀 The Multi-Token ISPO is live with the start of epoch 363! Delegate now to be eligible for the first snapshot on epoch 364! Want to learn more ? Please watch our latest YouTube video…

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13/Cardano’s NFT space is hyped up rn as a few influencers from other ecosystems are passing through and giving it some well-deserved attention To understand the space better though, beyond the back & forth noise of shills and grifters, here’s a great thread by @$goofycrisp

I have ranked the 30 most well-known #NFT projects on #Cardano. Here is my market overview 🧵 1/17

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14/I enjoyed this teaser by from their latest regular email. A big investor coming to their platform, and therefore by extension to Cardano They also have the publication of NY Times best selling author @Joe Nassise’s new book The Heretic soon…

Since delivered a sneak peek at one of the covers for The Heretic last night, I thought I'd give you an excerpt from the text itself. Read on... #booknft #CardanoNFTs #web3 #creatoreconomy #NFTs #Blockchain #TemplarChronicles

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15/@TapTools is going from strength to strength. What an awesome platform this team is creating Pretty much a must for anyone investing their money anywhere in the ecosystem

So @TapTools is becoming the Bloomberg terminal of Cardano, spread the word. Can’t wait for Pro to open up, I’ll sign up instantly Not promo (goes without saying as I don’t do that, but tweets like this always look sus as hell), just love what they’re building

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16/One of the best wallets in the ecosystem @Typhon Wallet kept improving

📢📢 New Wallet Release 🌟 2.3.6 ✅ 🛡️🛡️ another step towards safeguarding our community ✅🛡️ Now Typhon will show a warning if the receiving address/handle is potentially a scam. ⚡️ Powered by @SecurityBot @JSHy #Cardano @ADA whale

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17/Lack of and/or weak developer tooling has been one of the pain points in Cardano, but it’s improving fast For anyone looking to build anything here, would suggest that you make this one of your first stops:

18/The Cardano Foundation partnered with the Georgian National Wine Agency As many as 100,000 bottles of Georgian wine bottled in 2022/23 will carry a QR code that allows you to check authenticity / learn about history of the wine

📣 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Cardano Foundation Partners with Georgian National Wine Agency 🎊 The partnership centers around a blockchain-based traceability solution to support the growth of Georgia’s wine sector. Learn more➡️ #Cardano @Scantrust @Georgia Homeland Of Wine

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19/Another dapp that’s coming close to fruition (“very soon” - @zygomeb) is @Optim Finance They wrote a great piece about transaction chaining (also implemented by @Typhon Wallet & @Liqwid Labs💧) By chaining UTxOs and ordering them virtually in “FIFO” manner, batching can be avoided

As #Cardano scales we must always put decentralization at the forefront Tx Chaining is a powerful tool that will be widely used and adopted Check out our article on the topic👇…

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20/@Sebastien Guillemot tweets about another new bit of functionality added to the wider Cardano ecosystem via @Milkomeda (there is no token): multisig wallets. Funded by Catalyst

Do you want to use Multisig on Cardano? Now you can through Milkomeda C1 and @Safe | Gnosis Safe! Read the article below to learn more, and check out the thread below for a summary!⬇️… 1/

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21/ made a splash with an upcoming dapp that allows you to short Cardano NFTs “guchi is about expanding financial opportunities in Cardano. We believe in long-term, market and price are a reflection of truth: you can outrun it short-term, but eventually it catches up”

hello, world. Been a crazy couple years in the #NFT space, sure enough, the market filled every niche the incentives allowed for. Hoping for another kind of space to evolve, we're introducing a new incentive: a "short the floor" SC for #Cardano NFTs (lmaooooo) More below: 🧵

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22/@MuesliSwap was the first DEX on Cardano, maintains their streak of being included in each of these threads The beta of their new layout (much cleaner!) went live @ They’re becoming a hybrid DEX, will further enhance yield opportunities on Cardano

That is it. We are in the endgame now 🥛 Our new website Beta is LIVE on mainnet and we need YOUR help 👇 1⃣ Go to 2⃣ Test it 🔍👀 3⃣ Report any bugs here We are excited for your input. 🙏 #MuesliGoesHybrid

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23/Every now and then I glance at our TVL at, around $100m We’re in a bear mkt, haven’t grown TVL as much as I hoped, but huge protocols are now lining up for launch and things could progress fast All in all, contours of Cardano DeFi ecosystem are becoming clearer

24/In some areas Cardano DeFi is fighting an uphill battle (replicating account based structures on an UTxO chain) That of course gets a lot of attention. But in others there will be innovation not possible elsewhere. Deserves attention too!

#Cardano has unique features not seen on any other blockchain = New #DeFi products nvr seen before We built a new DeFi primitive around Cardano’s native liquid staking 💥 Mainnet in a month ⌛️👇

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25/It’s clear to all that @Liqwid Labs💧 is going to be a cornerstone of Cardano Given that we can supply liquidity and earn yield above our regular (risk-free) staking rewards I imagine it’ll see strong TVL growth pretty quickly Add 4 more yield streams on top of that? Big

6x yield streams for $ADA suppliers ⛈️ powered by #Cardano native support for liquid staking and @Liqwid Labs💧 algorithmic money markets, live on Vasil testnet💧🔴

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