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Sep 21, 2022
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dalmajung love letter translation thread a letter i send to you filled with lots of longing. this night where i sink even deeper in thought as i recieve the beautiful moonlight. please remember even though our bodies are far my heart alone is there. — kim namjoon

my heart that is missing <you> my heart that is longing <for you>, ill send it on a tiny boat that floats serenely, hoping that you will be able to see it in your dream.. hope that if we were to meet, we are able to share the atmosphere of a moonlit night and the colours +
that are beautiful and pretty just like you together. — kim seokjin
the moonlight that faintly flows on a breezy night. carefully putting this desperate longing for you into the wind and moonlight nicely. when will i be able to meet you. you who i miss, and miss again. — min yoongi
like the fresh scent of a flower, hoping that youre always only full of happiness, hoping that you will drop sad and difficult things like water that flows, tonight again when the moon is bright i wish at this spot — jung hoseok
on a boat, as i look at the round moon reflected on the water. if i lightly throw a pebble towards the moon, the ripples that turn white and spread, seem as if it is your face that is reflected in my heart — park jimin
they say that flowing water flows and flows, and eventually meets sometime at the end. if i follow the current of this night, will i be able to meet you. even if the time of waiting is short, it feels long and the time of meeting goes by too quickly
that sorrow piles up on my heart — kim taehyung
stars that shine in the moonlit night, the water where those stars are embroidered, the reeds that sway in the wind. every moment where i was together with you leaks into my memory. i send a small boat hoping that it will reach you who is on the other end as well. — jeon jungkook


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