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Sep 21

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Bungie continues to talk a good game while treating their actual workers like shit, I see.

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Today is my last day at Bungie, I have been let go. Apparently sticking up for myself in refusing to change a title that didn’t represent the work I did and calling coworkers out for reporting me using anonymous in-house tools created a hostile work environment. Here’s the tweet:

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Like I don’t know how to explain to her cowardly rat colleagues that if your job is “associate engineer,” you are, in fact, an engineer and allowed to call yourself one. Internal job titles indicating your level do not, in fact, change your field/profession.

Both junior and senior designers are, in fact, designers. Both associate and principal SDETs are, in fact, SDETs. There is no law saying you must list your company’s exact job title rather than your general profession in your personal Twitter bio, FFS.

I have, in fact, never had the job title “producer.” I’ve had: -Narrative producer -Associate producer -Creative producer -Project manager But I’m damn well not wasting all that character count in my bio when I can just say “producer.” It’s a bio, not a resume, ffs.

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