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Sep 21

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I love how ANDOR starts not as a story of rebellion, but a gripping neo-noir with sex, point-blank murder and a fierce distrust in the status quo, with a "hero" whose journey just begins as a low-level hood entangled with overzealous cops. It's the most exciting Star Wars in ages

ANDOR is everything I hoped Star Wars could be since Disney bought Lucasfilm. IE, an original visual style and score, authored by an artist with a genuine, bold point of view. This franchise only lives if it can grow, and this does that. Star Wars actually feels sorta new again.

ANDOR is pure Gilroy. Government bureaucracy meets loner on the run, with nonstop world-building that seldom rides on the coattails of existing Star Wars iconography or lore. What can be accomplished when a filmmaker isn't slavishly reverent to this world and what's been done.

ANDOR isn't an instant masterpiece, it's just sturdy, confident storytelling that stretches what this franchise can look and feel like, while synthesizing key Lucas themes of rebellion, uprising and government overreach. Oh, and it's gorgeous. I can't wait for more.

Brendan Hodges


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