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Sep 22

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On tonight's trek around the community we saw not one, but two coyotes crossing a fairly busy street. They were headed to a local tap room. There have been coyote attacks in our city recently so its time to woof about safety around coyotes. 🧵 1/

Small dogs should be on leash in areas coyotes are known to frequent, especially at dusk. Even large dogs should stay close to their humans if they are in a designated off-leash park in a natural area. If a coyote is spotted DO NOT RUN. This will encourage them to chase. 2/

If the coyote is relatively close, back away slowly. Do not turn your back on it. Make yourself appear as big as possible, and make noise. Whistles, a can of rocks, air horns or other noise makers will usually scare them off but ensure your dog is desensitized to these items. 3/

You don't want them to get startled and run towards the coyote. If you see the same coyote frequently, you might need to change your noise makers as they eventually learn nothing bad comes from them. Try to arrange to have walking buddies as they're less likely to approach 4/

a group. Lastly, don't feed them, or other wildlife. They quickly learn to hunt where squirrels and rabbits go to dine. Be aware of your environment and stay safe!! 5/5

Kuno the Servicerottie🇨🇦🐕‍🦺🦽


I'm Kuno, a Gov't qualified service dog in Alberta, Canada. My job is taking care of my person, a bilateral amputee, #weatherdog & Spokesdog for the disabled

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