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AFRIMA - All Africa Music Awards


Sep 22

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We are excited to announce the stellar lineup of superstars across the continent who have emerged on our “Best Artiste, Duo or Group in African Contemporary” category at the #AFRIMA2022 edition! This is the moment we have all been anticipating! As the ultimate recognition of

African music globally, we are delighted to spotlight the best and deserving of talents across the continent. Who would #WinItAll this year? Who are you rooting for? Voting starts Sunday 25, 2022. Don’t forget to turn on post notifications to stay updated as we prepare for the

biggest weekend in African music and culture, AFRIMA 2022 (Dec 8-11)! Congratulations to all our nominees! #AFRIMA…For Hope, For Celebration

@Ọláwálé Ọlọ́fọ̀rọ̀ @Alikiba @Le Gbopkarada🥛

AFRIMA - All Africa Music Awards


Africa's Biggest Music Event ~All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in partnership with The African Union (AU) promotes African music & culture #AFRIMA2022

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