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Sep 22

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Let’s start with a newbie: 📍Slate Kitchen & Bar Upon getting here, the service was the first thing I noted. There’s parking attendants at every point of the parking lot to direct you (it’s kind of confusing finding the entrance so I appreciated the assistance) #nairobieats

The hostesses are welcoming and reservations are very necessary - the place gets full quick on Fridays and weekends. The outfitting my goodness🤩 I love good interior decor & these guys have taken such detail in everything from the furniture to lighting, spacing… #nairobieats

wallpaper, wallpaper texture… even the sheers along the windows that make the space feel more intimate than it would had the windows been bare… this may not matter to most but I really love a place that not only looks great, but feels great too. Ambience was 💯 #nairobieats

Now on to food - I had already heard about the insane prices here (thanks @🅴 Phantéau) so the menu was as expected, infact a bit higher than I thought it would be🥲 #nairobieats

Had sushi for starters - the Scoville Maki (1200/) and the spicy salmon crispy volcano roll (1500/). Now if you know me you know I don’t like sushi at all🥴 I’ve only had it possibly twice before in my life. I wasn’t willing to try but… #nairobieats

I was told that I wouldn’t be able to taste the rawness of the salmon so much because the sushi was mostly filled with prawn tempura and the maki was super spicy AND it didn’t have avocado😉 They were right on that spicy part because wow! #nairobieats

The perfect burst of spice in your mouth, combined with the prawn tempura crunch, the spiced rice rolled along the seaweed… even the salmon wasn’t gross to me🙊 I enjoyed this Maki roll so much - bummed it only came as 3 pieces because I actually wanted more.#nairobieats

The Volcano roll was also good, filling - I would add the spice from the previous roll to this one to enjoy it fully👌🏾 Mains: we did everything pork - pork belly(2200/), and the pork neck-2 services(2300/). Sides - truffle mac & cheese(700/) and potato skins(600/). #nairobieats

The pork belly dish comes with a white bean stew and pumpkin purée while the pork neck part 1 came with a broccoli fondant (looks like mukimo😄) & butternut purée and part 2 is pulled pork stewed in some pumpkin soup thing… #nairobieats

By 2 services they mean they bring one part of the dish first which was the grilled pork neck and then they bring part 2, the braised pork after you’re done with part 1. Interesting concept - feels like you’re getting a 2 for 1 lol. #nairobieats

The pork belly was GOOD. It didn’t need the beans part - beans and pork for me… don’t go well together. The pork neck part 1 was GOOD even with the broccoli thing etc. the pork neck part 2 - meh… not good, felt flavourless. #nairobieats

The Mac & Cheese, which I was very excited for, disappointed me so much😞 I love a good cheesy mac & cheese but this one fell flat - I’m not sure what cheese they used but😮‍💨 it needed salt, more than one cheese… it just needed more. Potato skins👌🏾 Can’t go wrong with viazi lol

Dessert: Tried the charcoal roasted pineapple(1050/) which was such a presentation😅 it comes with a spiced banana bread and chamomile ice cream - loved the ice cream, didn’t really care for everything else. #nairobieats

I’ll say my experience here was quite good, the place is beautiful, enjoyed half of the meals, the rest were okay. Will I go back? Not by choice but I’m happy I tried it. #nairobieats Food: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 (need a half star emoji lol) Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ambience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So this blew up wow🙊😄 What should I promote?? Come to my girl @#Repeal162 🏳️‍🌈’s quiz night tomorrow at @Two Grapes - Wine & Friends!



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