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Sep 22

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I heard Rees-Moog on #Newsnight yesterday, and wanted to look at the detail on Govt support for business and energy bills. I ask this with some hesitation, but is there anything at all beyond what's in the next tweets? 1/

First, there's this from Sept 8, setting up the scheme for households, and promising help for business. 2/…

Prime Minister Liz Truss sets out decisive action to support people and businesses with their energy bills.…

Government announces Energy Price Guarantee for families and businesses while urgently taking...

Second, there's this from yesterday, with a more specific focus on business (and a lot padding with supportive quotes from Govts and business). 3/…

And third and last, there's the accompanying 'guidance'. It makes reference to legislation towards the bottom. 4/…

It says: 'Urgent legislation to enable the implementation of the scheme will be introduced in Parliament in October. This will provide government with the powers to establish the scheme, ensure benefits are passed on to consumers and provide for an effective compliance...' 5/

'... and enforcement regime.' Am I missing something? There's no detail on what this will cost or how it will be funded, and no detail on what the legislation will say. 6/6

Phil Syrpis


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