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Sep 22

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The problem many people have is they don't understand the necessity of stepping on toes. They expect everyone to "respect" themselves, and enjoy illusions of a utopian society where everyone gets what they want simply because. If you want to have a meaningful existence, you

must step on toes. This "metaverse" of ours; this Twitter is an example. The influencers, known figures, most followed people, step on toes. Those who are scared of tweeting on controversial issues or making their opinions known have little followers or "fame".

Now, it's fine if you didn't come here to get followers, but if you relate it to the real world, you'll understand why some make it and others don't. To be heard, known, or seen, you must say or do what you want. Sometimes it may be stepping on your own toes.

You fear going into a venture because you're scared it will end up badly. So you remain where you are; never moving. You have to experience discomfort—either yours or that of others—before you'll break out of the mass.

If you maintain the mindset of not hurting others feelings, or not risking your "safe" status or position, you'll never grow. And your "calmness" won't manipulate the universe into making you great.

Emmanuel Echeta


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