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IBM Data and AI

IBM Data and AI

Sep 22, 2022
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Urgent problems require urgent solutions. 🦾 Here's how @IBM Research is using #AI-driven accelerated discovery to tackle #climatechange, this #climateweek and beyond: A thread ⬇️ 🌎

1/ Our researchers are using #AI to design and test new molecular building blocks for capturing CO2 before its release into the atmosphere.
2/ They're developing #AI-powered workflows to use fewer toxins in #semiconductors, making them more environmentally friendly.
3/ They're also using #AI-powered workflows to create safer, higher-powered, faster-charging batteries free of cobalt, nickel and other non-renewable heavy metals.
4/ To develop biodegradable plastics more efficiently, fellows from @IBM Research are using #automation to dramatically shorten research time from hours to minutes.
5/ Last but not least, #IBM researchers are using #AI to predict the product of enzyme-based reactions, reducing waste and making the chemical industry cleaner and more sustainable.
For more on sustainable material advancement from @IBM Research, visit their blog here:
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