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Sep 22

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How to thrive as a man. A thread to reject mediocrity.

Modern society has created a lot of hurdles for men that want to optimize: 路 Energy 路 Aesthetics 路 Mood 路 Testosterone They want you weak and docile But I won't let that happen to you.

In this thread, we will look at 12 pillars you need to focus on to avoid a mediocre lifestyle and truly thrive. Let's get into them 馃憞

路 Sleep Sleep is the driving force behind your energy. Don鈥檛 expect to think, achieve, or build when you are sleep-deprived. How to ensure you wake rested: - Get 8 hrs of sleep minimum per night - No blue light before bed Prioritize sleep brothers.

路 Build something Men are happiest when they are creating something. A business. A community. Their purpose. Focus on your project, because with it will come happiness and fulfillment. And whatever you do, make sure you produce more than you consume every day.

路 Unplug The biggest thief of your attention and energy is your phone. You can have everything, but appreciate nothing鈥 - Limit your phone usage throughout the day - Put it away at least 1 hr before bed You must choose what you want to focus your attention on.

路 Build healthy habits A powerful man leaves nothing to chance. You need to understand what needs to be done to create the life you want. You have to build the systems that facilitate this. Focus on discipline > motivation.

路 Lift weights Men must do hard things. And one of those should be to pick up heavy weights. - Lift at least 4x/week (with a good split-program like upper/lower or push/pull/legs) - Get a coach if you feel like you need one - Intensity + form > weight Invest in yourself.

路 Adequate nutrition Your body needs and deserves food that it derives energy from. - Eliminate vegetable oils - Eat mostly (raw) meat, organs, fruit, honey, and raw dairy - Do your own research on food - Learn to cook at least 5 quality meals A real man nourishes himself.

路 Get in the sun The sun is your source of vitamin D, a well-functioning immune system, and metabolism. Don鈥檛 fear the sun, fear sunscreen. The toxins we put on our skin are wreaking havoc in our bodies. Expose yourself to the sun for at least 10 minutes a day.

路 No porn Porn is destroying your dopamine receptors. By exposing yourself to porn frequently, you won鈥檛 be able to enjoy anything normal again. Find purpose. Build. Up your training intensity. You don鈥檛 watch porn because you are horny, but because you are bored.

路 Meditation Your focus is your greatest asset. Rebuild your focus by taking time out of your day to restructure your mind. Just sit and breathe for 10 mins/day. Nothing more than that. It all starts with just doing.

路 Reading For everything you want to do in life, it is best you educate yourself. - (Mental) health - Psychology - Philosophy - History - Fiction - Poetry Expand your mind by reading for 30 mins per day and you will thrive.

路 Connection Connection is one of the most important ways to a man's happiness. You need like-minded brothers who: - Call you out on your bullshit - Celebrate your wins - Compete with you You become who you hang around with. So make sure these are quality people.

路 Play A powerful man is one who has all aspects of life under control but does not take himself too seriously. He knows how to tease like a jester, Not make fun of those who are working hard towards their dreams. Be humble and find joy with your family, kids, and friends.

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How to thrive as a man. A thread to reject mediocrity.

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