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Emmanuel Echeta

Emmanuel Echeta

Sep 22, 2022
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Why do women make money? From my observation, the reasons men and women work vary greatly. Despite some exceptions, I'll treat the rules. Men strive to make money because they wish to provide for their dependents. A man who isn't providing looks down on himself.

It's men who want to make mama proud, treat their baby girl like a queen, ensure their children get better opportunities than them, etc. And they make efforts towards this. The majority of women I know, working to make money, do so because they don't want men to insult them.
That's the basic reason. Yes, there are families depending on women for a variety of reasons, but the majority of women just don't want insult. It's not a bad purpose, but it spells out a difference between men and women. It's why a man will put in more work.
He has a far greater reason. While men also don't want to chop insult from richer people, they also want to provide. But a woman will be taken care of, provided for; yet she'll still want her own money to avoid insults. Nobody takes care of men.
It's also why a man will be providing for his family for years without complaint, but once his wife feeds him for one month, she'll start grumbling. It's not in women's nature to provide, so their efforts to be successful are largely selfish. Women don't make money so they'll
move their husbands and kids to the abroad. It's men who do that. It's why their money is for them, and yours is for them and you. It's this selfishness which ensures that men must lead the home; he can't share the position of leadership. It is so because he's the one who
can selflessly provide for the family. Women are selfless in other areas of marriage and serious relationships, but not with their money. Then, much of the narrative that men are oppressive to their wives stems from this notion. Because people will judge others with themselves
they assume men also possess their nature. They assume men want their wives to stay at home so they'll be the only ones making money, dishing out insults and blocking them. Hence, they disregard the other very important things no one would do if wives weren't at home, and they
believe that men are selfish for not wanting their wives to share in the power of "blocking insults". So, they condemn their mothers as slaves. They decide to make money to be equal in men to "blocking insults". Unfortunately, they lack the selfless nature of men towards
provision, and more often than not, even with their money, the men still carry the entire responsibility of provision. Which isn't an issue. And I'm not even saying that women shouldn't work. But we need to know the root of this issue.
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