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If you get less than 4000 steps a day read this:

The average American gets anywhere between 2k to 4k steps per day. Our hunter gatherer ancestors they got 16 to 17k steps a day. Walking is one of the most important activities you could do for your brain & body. Not getting enough can lead to serious consequences.

Not getting enough steps throughout the day can lead to: • Anxiety • Depression • Weight gain • Heart disease • Slower recovery • Increased stress • Lack of creativity • High blood pressure • Decreased brain activity

Getting 10k steps a day is a myth. A Japanese company launched a pedometer in 1965 named "10,000 step meter". It's slogan was, “Let’s walk 10,000 steps a day” 10k steps a day originated from marketing not from actual science. So how much should you get?

A study conducted by Harvard & the University of Tokyo examined 16,741 women who ranged in age from 62 to 101 who wore step trackers for 4 years. The found that walking 4400 steps a day was associated with 41% mortality. 7500 steps a day was associated with a 65% reduction.

In my practice I recommend my clients to get anywhere from 6000 to 8000 steps a day or 2000 more than what they're current getting. Doing this has helped people see improvements in their energy, mood, health while increasing their focus & decreasing their stress.

How can you add more steps to your life? Here are 4 proven ways: 1. Walking meetings Zoom calls are opportunities for more steps. Pace when you're doing meetings & do your calls while walking. This is an easy way to get more steps that's already built in your day.

2. Walking first in the morning This is one the greatest habits to incorporate. You get morning sun exposure that turns on your circadian rhythm, physical activity and it acts as a meditative process to start the day.

3. Walking after meals Great habits come with a trigger to action. Getting a walk in after your meal helps improve digestion, takes you away from the dinner table & can act as a way to connect with your friends and loved ones.

4. Schedule your walks If you live & die by your calendar then you need to set aside time. Put these in red, make it so you're out of the office & schedule at least 2 to 3 per day. Doing this will decrease stress, increase creativity & give you a nice break in the day.

Walking is one of the most underrated activities you could do for your body. You were born to move and not doing so is a detriment to your health. If you're getting less than 4000 steps a day aim to get at least 2000 more than you are right now by using the systems provided.

Walking is highly underrated activity. It will improve your physical health, mental health, longevity, creativity & focus. Get your steps in my friend. If you got value out this thread: 1. Follow me @Dan Go for more of these 2. RT the tweet below

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If you get less than 4000 steps a day read this:

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