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Sep 22

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Here are the MAIN 6 types of stocks you can invest in

1/ #1 BLUE CHIP A β€œBlue-Chip” stock is usually a LARGE company with a strong brand and reliable results. These are some of the safest companies that have survived various economic cycles These are Blue Chip Stocks $AAPL $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT $JNJ

2/ #2 Moderate Dividend/Defensive These stocks tend to also be LARGE companies with consistent results. These types of companies have more MATURE cashflows and pay steady, reliable dividends Stocks include: $JNJ $KO $PEP $WMT $PG $UNP

3/ #3 Dividend Growth This is by far my favorite type of stock to invest in These stocks tend to still be in growth mode and are increasing their dividend at a strong clip on a regular basis. However, volatility will be higher than the moderate dividend stocks we just looked at

4/ Dividend Growth (cont'd) When it comes to dividend growth stocks, the power of compounding can really take off Here are some examples of solid Dividend Growth stocks: $ABBV $V $AVGO $HD $SBUX $BAC $LMT $COST

5/ #4 High-Yield High-Yield stocks tend to grow at a slower pace, as well as the yield. These companies are usually very mature However, REITs fall into this category and can offer some growth potential High-Yield Stocks include: $ABBV $XOM $VZ $O $MO $PM $MPW

6/ #5 Cyclicals These types of stocks tend to be more volatile based on where we are at in the economic cycle These stocks do well during economic booms and struggle during recessions Less consistency but more opportunity Examples: $DE $CAT $DIS $LUV $NCLH $TTD

7/ #6 Ultra Growth These types of stocks are usually in hyper growth mode and in their infancy stage Many of these stocks either do not make a profit yet or make very little Stocks like these can be very volatile Examples: $TDOC $RDFN $Z $SE $NIO $DOCU $DMTK

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Here are the MAIN 6 types of stocks you can invest in

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