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Anthony Chad-Dad Ramblin

Anthony Chad-Dad Ramblin

Sep 22, 2022
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DID YOU KNOW: 99% of fitness advice exists to make you fat and slow Here's 6 exercises that will give you the physique your family deserves and the strength of a spartan to boot. Bookmark this and become the 1%.

1) SQUATS The king of barbell exercises for good reason. No Matter the goal: - run faster - jump higher - get stronger - or simply building those thick thick thighs 😏 Squats are the solution to these problems.
For best results you should ALWAYS squat barefoot or in flat shoes without padding. Start with the barbell on a rack, placed just below shoulder height.
Move under the bar so it’s resting behind the top of your back, and grip the bar with your hands wider than shoulder-width distance apart, arms facing forward. Stand up to bring the bar off the rack. You may need to step back slightly.
With your feet shoulder-width apart and chest up, keep the weight in your heels and squat down as close to parallel as you can, driving your hips back. See if you can drop your hips below your knees. Press feet firmly into the ground, and push your hips forward to stand up.
Remember: True strength comes from your legs...NOT your back.
2) PULL-UPS Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for building not only a strong back, but a strong core as well. Becoming good at pulls makes other exercises like press-ups and shoulder-presses much easier.
There are many different variations of pull-ups, each working slightly different muscles, from your large lats, biceps, and anything in-between. Doing a few variations of these pull-ups twice weekly will build an all-around bigger back, arms and core.
Pull-ups will also help correct slouched posture from sitting at a desk all day. They can be tough to master and a true test of strength. Do not be discouraged.
You can start with simply holding your body weight if needed. Jump and hold yourself up at the top of the pull-up bar. Hold until your arms are straight, and repeat this until fatigued.
The heavier you are the harder they are. The Demons don't want you to win. Keep pulling yourself up and tell them to F off.
3) SPRINTS If you want to drastically improve your overall health you NEED to be doing Sprints. Jogging and prolonged cardio does more harm to the body than sprinting in short intervals. Sprinting is the best way to trim off the last few stubborn pounds in time for the beach.
It requires strong legs and a strong heart. 15 minutes of interval sprints burns more calories than 1 hour of jogging. Plus, the added benefits of developing muscular legs, takes less time, and puts less strain on your joints due not pounding the pavement as long.
You will never see a fat person that sprints consistently. Try it for 60 days and watch your body transform right before your eyes
4) INCLINE BENCH PRESS Everyone thinks flat bench is the best way to build a strong muscular chest. Everyone is also wrong, lying, or both. Incline Bench gives you an overall more balanced and sculpted look – if that’s what you’re going for.
In the chest wall, the lower pec is naturally thicker than the upper pec. That means that the upper pec needs to be worked more than the lower. If you really want a powerful chest, ditch flat for an incline bench and quickly notice a more pleasing look to the chest muscles.
5) WEIGHTED "ODIN" DIPS Dips are the second-best way to build a defined and chiseled chest. They isolate the chest muscles better than any other compound exercise for the chest and keep your chest from becoming too bulky or unevenly developed.
If you are looking to develop some of the muscles that lead to a lean V-shaped upper body. Then go for the wide grip version. Pro Tip: Pay attention to what your shoulders can handle and don't lower yourself more than 90 degrees. Use Chains for added sex-appeal.
If you have no idea where to start: Fear not I can help get you started Let's work together to lose 20lbs -40lbs in the next 90 days. No One will do it for you so take the first step. (Not Free why would it be?) DM me "START"
Bonus: DEADLIFTS What workout thread would be complete without deadlifts? Not a very good one am I right? There are many reasons you need to add deadlifts into your lifting routine:
- They Improve Your Posture - Improve Total Body Strength - Deadlifts Reduce The Risk Of Back Injury (If done correctly obviously) - Deadlifts Help Burn More Body Fat
Deadlifts give you a full-body workout, strengthening many muscles and preventing imbalances between your upper and lower body. Many people experience lower back pain due to a weak core, being overweight, and sitting behind a desk all day.
Making deadlifts a part of your routine will help alleviate lower back pain and prevent it from developing in the future. Just be sure you keep your lower back straight throughout the movement.
Rounding your lower back is a common cause of deadlift injuries and will increase your chances of injury. Doing Deadlifts CORRECTLY will reduce the chances of you injuring yourself whenever you're carrying groceries, changing a tire, moving home furniture, etc.
Anthony Chad-Dad Ramblin

Anthony Chad-Dad Ramblin

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