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A strong back is one of the best markers for longevity Check out the top 3 exercises to go from earthworm to brick house

1. Pull-Ups When properly implemented in training programs, pull-ups can help build great size and strength throughout the upper back. There are many variations to the pull-up, each training the muscle slightly differently and targeting a different area.

Don’t be afraid to use traditional grip, neutral grip, close grip, wide grip, or underhand grip. Pull-ups can be done almost every single day, especially if you are switching up the grip type. Reps and sets are simple. You’ll use 3 to 5 sets of 10.

If you can’t do 10, do 3 to 5 sets of as many reps as possible. 2. Goodmornings For years, the powerlifting goodmorning was a staple in Westside Barbell workout plans. When Louie broke his back and did not have access to a gym, he would perform his goodmornings on the ground.

Goodmornings are an extremely versatile exercise that can be used in: ✅Warm-ups ✅The workout itself ✅Part of a greater complex The powerlifting goodmorning, when done correctly, is one of the best lower back and hamstring builders in the gym.

When we analyze goodmornings in general, there are two main types: Powerlifting style Bodybuilding style. While both variations serve a purpose within their respective training contexts, you need to understand the difference.

Bodybuilding goodmorning requires stiffer legs, placing strain on the lumbar spine. While a powerlifting style goodmorning maintains a slightly more flexed knee position and places more emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes to help move the weight.

When you use the powerlifting style, no other lower body movement is as effective.

3. Barbell Rows Barbell rows are a staple exercise in any back workout. Why? Because you get these benefits⬇️ ✅Stronger Back ✅Improved Posture ✅Increased Deadlift ✅More Back Muscle Mass ✅Balanced Chest and Back Muscles ✅And Much Much More!

There are two main styles “traditional barbell rows” and “Pendlay-style.” Learn and use them both. Traditional rows are used for upper-body days, while Pendlay is used for lower.

Conclusion: Use these accessory movements to bullet-proof your back and you’ll never be afraid of “tweaking” it again. Nothing feels more empowering than walking around with a strong back. There is a reason the strongest people in the world have strong backs.

All you have to do is learn from them and follow their lead.

Be flexible with the reps and sets, don’t be afraid to go heavy for 3 to 5 reps, or lighter for 10 to 15.

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A strong back is one of the best markers for longevity Check out the top 3 exercises to go from earthworm to brick house

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