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A group of Louisiana public school students were told they were going to a career fair, but were instead taken to a church service where girls were told to forgive rapists and reject transgender identities and boys competed in push-up contests for money.…

More than 2,100 students from Baton Rouge high schools were excused from classes Tuesday morning and hopped on school buses to attend what was billed as a “College & Career…

Parents, students complain East Baton Rouge schools field trip was more like church service

One mother of a transgender boy attended as a chaperone and watched as her child was denied the chance to leave and other students were instructed to pour water onto his head.

Her transgender child, who identifies as “he,” tried to walk out as the “girl talk” started and was initially barred from leaving, the mother said. Bryant said she also heard that other transgender students were bullied Tuesday.

“Other students poured water on top of transgender students' heads without any repercussions by any of the adults present,” Bryant wrote.

"A teacher says the girls were told to be proper and practice abstinence. The boys reportedly did not get the same treatment—instead we were told they did push-up competitions."…

The way this story is just every stream of misogyny and Christian nationalism and transphobia and toxic masculinity rolled into a single anecdote

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