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Sep 22

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I made it through the All-22 film of Colts-Jaguars. Don’t try this at home. On the offense (1/2): - OL trust is a huge problem. Rarely did 1/2 of the line block as one - Edge pressure (tackles) combined with a collapsing middle (Pinter/Kelly) give Matt Ryan no room to breathe

Colts offense (2/2): - Nyheim Hines & Jonathan Taylor should have carried the game plan. Force feed until the rest is built. You can’t give what you don’t have - Ashton Dulin will grow from miscommunication. His contested catches are a great sign - Matt Pryor > Bernhard Raimann

Colts defense (1/2): - This iteration of Gus Bradley’s approach can never happen again. The Cover-3 shell was so predictable, allowing quick game to just eat it up as a de facto run game - Colts adjusted with man, which puts the onus on players but doesn’t confuse the QB

Colts defense (2/2): - Stephon Gilmore becoming the picked-on defender in man is troubling - Grover Stewart is looking like an elite run defender - Yannick Ngakoue and DeForest Buckner were neutralized by a game plan (plus Buck’s health) - Colts *need* Shaq Leonard for match/man

There is one potential fix on defense I think they could employ with using someone differently, based on talking to some Colts players. Watch for that story later today.

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