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Sep 22

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this would not seem to be the kind of strategy you'd hope to see from the military you've just been conscripted into.

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⚡️ CNN: Putin gives directions to generals in the field himself. Two undisclosed sources told CNN that Russian President Vladimir Putin was giving tactical orders himself, hinting at a "dysfunctional command structure," the U.S. media reported.

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i'm not a military strategist, but i've worked in plenty of large companies and understand that things are not going well at all when the boss of bosses decides he is going to start calling all of the operational shots.

you know who else decided he needed to override his generals and start dictating maneuvers to the fatal detriment of his entire army?

in all seriousness, this is very bad and has no upsides for anyone. russia can keep shipping troops to the front for a *very* long time, even if they all get blown up or shot five minutes after getting off the train.



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