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♥️ #Cancer #Aquarius #Taurus #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius "I feel so lost without you. I'm heartbroken over you" you could be seeing 111 around, which is a confirmation that you are a magical creator and your thoughts are beginning to manifest. I am picking up that your person

has a lot going on than they could possibly explain it to you! In the past they have neither being vocal about their feelings nor have they been open about things that are going on in their life. That is because they fear being vulnerable and risk being emotionally hurt. I am
seeing that things are kinda still unclear, but you need to be clear about what is it that you want so that you create that your reality. I am picking up that they want a second chance but they are being childish and drowning themselves in work and accepting their feelings for
you! There are some hardships before you can truly get together and have your own love nest. Take what resonates, leave the rest. If you don’t want to entertain your ex, this reading isn’t for u Did you check my latest video:…
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