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☁️ leo, taurus, aquarius and scorpio placements i see you surrendering to a certain situation in your life, and instead of going after the answers and going after what you want so bad to know, you are going to be letting it come to you. a lot of things are going to get unveiled

to you and it's going to be very soon that you will have to make a very important decisions between different people or different situations. it seems to be very important for you to trust yourself and that you will know which decision to make, because listening to others or

getting second opinions could get tricky, no matter how close you are to the people that are trying to help you or support you. because of this and listening to your gut more, i feel like you're going to be taking yourself more into consideration and realizing that all the

answers have always been within you and that you never really needed external validation because you always know what to do and things always work out in your favor.

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