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Sep 22

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Dear Parents, It's Elul— the end of the year is fast approaching! We'll ALL be celebrating so many holidays this season; from secular holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot to religious holidays like Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, and Yom Saint Francis Ha’Kadosh… 1/12

EVERYONE will be SO BUSY celebrating! In order to conserve some class time during this busy holiday season we will not be having class New Year’s parties this year. Rather, we will have a big party in the #PublicSchool sukkah during Sukkot. 2/12

We have had many fun seasonal activities in our classrooms this week and will have more in tomorrow's regular half day! Here's a rundown of some of this week’s fun holiday season activities at our #PublicSchool. 3/12

Art has featured many fun holiday crafts. Students made holiday bread covers with seasonal symbols like shofars, pomegranates, apples, and honey. We care about inclusion! We provided Gentile symbols of trees, eggs, and animals for Gentile students' holiday bread covers. 4/12

Music tomorrow will feature our traditional popular shofar blowing contest. Have students bring their favorite shofar to see who can sound the longest tekiah blast! Gentile students may bring their own holiday horn if they don’t have a shofar. 5/12

Students have so far enjoyed singing songs of the season. As a gesture of inclusivity in our #PublicSchool, all songs were secular in nature, featuring topics such as apples & honey. 6/12

Home Economics classes made sweet round braided bread and also apple cake using apples our students picked on the school trip to the orchard last First Day morning. Students did a tasting of various varieties of apples and different bee and date honeys. 7/12

(Gentile students who are shomer treyf should be advised that our Home Ec kitchen is pareve and vegan. They should consult their Christian Rabbi before consuming food from the school.) 8/12

Language classes this week focused on wordplay. Students invented their own simanim using wordplay and wrote their own simanim seder guides, including their own simanim. How about eating some yogurt, hoping for a “gut yor”? What simanim did your children invent? 9/12

Literature classes read stories about teshuvah & personal improvement. In this season of reflection, talk with your child about what they read & what they can learn. What do they wish they had done differently in the last year? What changes will they make for the new year? 10/12

The class discussed how to format a letter of apology, and the exercise was completed with a homework assignment to write and mail a letter of apology to a person of the student’s choice. 11/12

We, the staff of Magen Avraham #PublicSchool, would like to wish ALL our students and their families and happy and sweet new year! Shana tova to EVERYONE! 12/12

🇺🇸 Jew Who Has It All


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