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60th New York Film Festival


Sep 22

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We are thrilled to announce the official #NYFF60 Talks lineup, presented by @HBO, featuring free panel discussions and in-depth conversations with Noah Baumbach, Cauleen Smith, Paul Schrader, @Film Comment Magazine, @Cinephile 🎞️, @IndieWire & more! Explore:

THE 2022 AMOS VOGEL LECTURE: Cauleen Smith | Oct. 2 @ 6pm Known for the political rigor in her film and multimedia practice, Smith epitomizes the commitment to subversion that guided Vogel’s mission. Followed by a Q&A with Jacqueline Stewart of @The Academy & @TCM. #NYFF60

DEEP FOCUS: Noah Baumbach | Oct. 1 @ 6pm An in-depth conversation with the writer-director about the process of bringing WHITE NOISE, DeLillo’s text—long considered unfilmable—to the screen and the challenges and revelations of adaptation. #NYFF60

DEEP FOCUS: Paul Schrader | Oct. 2 @ 2pm The legendary American director and screenwriter joins us for an extended conversation on MASTER GARDENER, the latest entry in his masterful, decades-spanning oeuvre. #NYFF60

DEEP FOCUS: Nan Goldin | Oct. 8 @ 7pm Join us for an intimate, career-spanning conversation with Goldin about the personal and political roots of her creative practice, the radical humanism of her photography, and the defiant intertwinings of her art and activism. #NYFF60

DEEP FOCUS: Annie Ernaux | Oct. 11 @ 6pm We are pleased to welcome Ernaux for a special conversation that will explore her singular writing career, her venture into the moving image, and the literary and cinematic influences that underpin her intensely personal lyricism. #NYFF60

CROSSCUTS: Alice Diop & Frederick Wiseman | Oct. 3 @ 6pm Join the two directors for a conversation about the turn to narrative cinema, the cultural distinctions of filmmaking in France & the U.S., their approaches to cinema as a mode of systemic critique & more. #NYFF60

CROSSCUTS: Mia Hansen-Løve & Charlotte Wells | Oct. 8 @ 4pm Join Hansen-Løve and Wells for a conversation about the process of making art out of one’s life, giving filmic shape to the workings of memory & time, reimagining the contours of “women’s cinema” & more. #NYFF60

CROSSCUTS: Joanna Hogg & Kelly Reichardt | Oct. 9 @ 6pm A conversation about the directors' singular career trajectories, their approaches to directing & translating personal experience into universally resonant stories of women on the verge of creative transcendence. #NYYF60

ROUNDTABLES: The Politics of Desire | Oct. 3 @ 4pm This roundtable will bring together Joao Pedro Rodrigues, Ruth Beckermann, and @Isabel Sandoval to discuss the ways in which their work gives subversive and radical form to sex, eroticism, and embodiment. #NYFF60

ROUNDTABLES: Missing Movies | Oct. 6 @ 6pm Join @Missing Movies's Amy Heller, Dennis Doros, @nancy savoca, @Richard, @Ira Deutchman & @maya cade for a workshop aimed at empowering the filmmaking community with the tools to liberate lost films & more. #NYFF60

ROUNDTABLES: @Film Comment Magazine Live - On the Critical Attitude | Oct. 8 @ 1pm Is criticism a response to art, or can it be a form of art-making in itself? Can one critique a system while also living within it? Dive in with the FC editors, Laura Poitras, Elvis Mitchell & more. #NYFF60

ROUNDTABLES: @Film Comment Magazine Live - Festival Report | Oct. 15 @ 6pm As the festival draws to a close, @Kelli Weston, @Phoebe Chen, @Molly Haskell, and the FC editors will gather together for a spirited wrap-up discussion about the movies they’ve seen in the #NYFF60 lineup.

60th New York Film Festival


#NYFF60: Sept. 30-Oct. 16. Since 1963, the New York Film Festival has presented new and important cinematic works from around the world.

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