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Sep 22

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Chuffed about ▲ comments launching into beta today, even got to work with @George Karagkiaouris again, and our newest design engineer @Emil Kowalski, alongside the rest of the incredible team including @Malte Ubl, @Guillermo Rauch, @becca z., @angry.robot, @Nate, @Meg Bird, and more 🥰

It's early days still and there's so much opportunity here, even with this early iteration we've greatly improved the efficiency of our feedback loop and invited more people to participate, particularly alongside the new Vercel beta Slack integration…

Streamline development processes…

Slack Beta – Vercel

Looking forward to hear all your feedback on this, you can even leave us a comment from the commenting UI 🤪

Head to our blog to learn more about how to start using the Vercel comments beta today…


Christopher Skillicorn


Thonk leader. Designer at Vercel. Started Wulkano, a digital collective of sorts, and helped create Kap.

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