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“A motley assortment of political appointees, former football stars, onetime professional wrestlers, business figures & various friends of the state’s former Republican governor all stand accused of pocketing or misusing money earmarked for needy families”…

Millions earmarked for the needy in the nation’s poorest state instead went to projects that benefited the well-to-do, the state alleges, including a volleyball stadium at Brett Favre’s alma mater.…

In Mississippi, Welfare for the Well-Connected as a Scandal Spreads

"Mr. Favre, who earned more than $140 million in his Hall of Fame career, was paid $1.1 million for speeches he never gave, the suit said. He also orchestrated more than $2 million in government funds being channeled to a biotechnology start-up in which he had invested"

"Mississippi is one of 12 states that has refused to expand Medicaid and has regularly turned down federal money meant to improve medical treatment, housing and child care, among other issues... At the end of 2020, Mississippi had $47 million in unspent TANF funds"

Burnett "said people were appalled that tens of millions of dollars that should have gone toward initiatives like improved public transportation or child care for the working poor were apparently handed out to rich political cronies instead... “It is infuriating.”"

Dr Kathleen Bachynski


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