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Sep 22

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I think the thing I love the most about this collection is the vibe it gives off, which is executed so well through the styling of every look. "Underwater" is a broad term, but you can interpret every look in so many different ways which is why this collection is so stellar to me

When people think underwater they typically think mermaids, the ocean, etc, but there are other bodies of water that exist. This collection is like a mix of if a mythical creature from various bodies of water came together. Like we see a mermaid but-

We also see creatures with a darker aura to them - less pure, less conventional. She wants to party outside of her confined home, she wants to be sexier

The lighter, more vibrant looks almost feel like a mix of the blue and the dark. Like the conventional met the unconventional and they both changed. Like a swamp princess (darker energy) met a mermaid (lighter energy) and fed off each other

The only nitpick I have is I wish they'd given the models more glistening skin. Not glittery like they did but glistening so they'd look like they just came out of the water to go dance at a rave. And I wish they'd made the hair even wetter-looking.

But overall I think it still works. It looks like dry hair that is freshly washed and untangled/uncombed, I think he wanted to focus more on the "humanisation" aspect of the underwater girl.

This is just an interpretation btw!



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