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Sep 22

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the mario trailer is gonna start with like mario talking about how he’s super heroic and the princess loves him and then it’s a hard cut to him being a plumber and he like slips on a banana peel from mario kart and everyone laughs before it cuts to the “this summer” title card

there’s gonna be a quick montage of action shots before mario does like his triple jump and chris pratt yells “let’s a go!” before the title comes up

bowser will come on screen doing his normal laugh before clearing his throat to reveal it was jack black

mario and luigi are gonna be dicking around in their apartment when mario gets a mushroom and hits his head on the ceiling or starts lighting everything on fire with a flower

someone’s gonna say like “this isn’t a game, mario!” and he’s gonna look at the camera like jim from the office

$50 it’s either gonna be some random 80s song or like lil nas x/doja cat

these are still in the running

Solid JJ


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in the mario movie there’s gonna be a scene where mario rushes into bowsers dungeon or something and is like “peach i’m here” but she is like beating up the guards and is like “oh you thought i’d be some sorta damsel?” and everyone will be like “wow my expectations were wrong”

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somewhere in between will be a faithful to the last detail recreation of kramer’s 2006 laugh factory meltdown but it’s toad

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