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Celebrities that came out with a skincare line within the past 3 years: - Rihanna - Ciara - Kylie Jenner - Brad Pitt - Madison Beer + Vanessa Hudgens brand - Gwyneth Paltrow - Kim Kardashian - August Alsina - Pharrell - Alicia Keys - J.LO - Lori Harvey (Continued..)

More celebrities that came out with a skincare line within the past 3 years: - Jessica Alba - Travis Barker - Kristen Bell - Victoria Beckham Who else do y’all know launched something? Any of them you would buy from?🤔

And Hailey Bieber!

Also correction about Jessica Alba: she launched Honesty Beauty in 2015 but did relaunch in 2018

Apparently John Legend is also coming out with something

Also would like to add Millie Bobby Brown. I thought it was just makeup but there’s skincare too

And Idris and Sabrina Elba apparently?

I think for me what I don’t understand is a lot of them have never spoken about skincare before or made it apart of their original image/brand? It comes off kinda random lol

Winnie Harlow also launched Cay Skin

BTW: I don’t think the products themselves are bad. They’re just skincare like everyone else and use chemists just like everyone else. I just think the roll out can be random + repetitive + boring lol

“Well they have great skin and their fans wanna know how” …you know it’s likely they always had great skin? and get professional treatments?

Don’t forget Trisha Paytas & Ellen DeGeneres launched skincare too

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