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Happy New Year, MaAfrika As we welcome the Spring Equinox, may this new year be filled with prosperity and a manifestation of all your heart’s desires (Yes, the year begins now, not in January as is the case in the Gregorian Calendar). [Thread]

But before that, let’s start here; in the beginning there was only noon, which was the original ocean of chaos that was filled up with all of the things that were to come.

This is what is called ukhulukhulwane, the original carbon soup where all things emerged. Mkhulu Nsingiza further describes it as the “primeval waters.”

Ra, the sun, was then born and he emerged from the surface of the water.

According to Cultural Historian and Author, Anthony Browder, “The sun, the symbol, the creator, was reborn every morning. It reaches its highest position in the day at noon where it was known known as Re(Ra)...

Re represented the creator, God, the sustainer of life on earth at its highest point. When the sun set in the West it was known as Amen. Amen is a Kemetic word which means hidden or concealed.”

Ra then had two children; Shu the god of air and Tefnut the goddess of moisture. Shu and Tefnut then had two more children of their own, Nut the goddess of Sky and Geb the god of earth. With them, the physical universe was created.

From the union of Geb and Nut, four human children were born. They were Asar, Auset, Setekh and Nebet-Het.

Asar, in Kemetic mythology, was/is the Ntr of Renewal. In IsiZulu, it’s uMvelinqangi. His wife was Auset, who is known as unoMkhubulwane. The two were married and ruled Kemet (Egypt) as equals.

Asar’s brother, Setekh (Set) was always jealous and wanted to be a leader like him. One day, he decided to kill his brother and dismember his body into 14 parts.

After learning of her husband’s death, Auset was aggrieved. Distraught as she was, she was determined to honour him and give a dignified funeral.

She was able to get back 13 of his dismembered parts and “remember” him, and even got his body to be applied all the finest products (cedar oil, cassia, beeswax, henna, honey, juniper berries, lichen, natron, ointments etc.).

In essence, she made the first ever documented kemetic mummy. After that she escaped into exile, to avoid getting assassinated by Set.

Now here’s where it gets interesting; although Asar and Auset where married, they had not yet consummated their marriage, meaning they had not come together in a sexual union. Auset was still a virgin.

It is said that the spirit of Asar visited Auset one night and impregnated her. Nine months later, she gave birth to her son Heru. Heru was born of a virgin (sounds familiar?) Heru is born with one specific purpose: that is to restore his father’s kingdom.

So after Heru is born, he grows up and decides to avenge his father’s death. He goes into battle against his uncle, Set, and defeats him. He takes back his father’s throne.

Heru then magically transforms into a falcon and flies to heaven to inform his father of his great victory against his uncle, Set.

His father blesses him and he returns to Kemet as the legitimate heir to the throne. And when Heru reclaimed his father’s throne and was crowned the king of Kemet, his father Asar was resurrected from the dead and took his place on the throne of judgement.

Set, in the Gregorian calendar, is what you know as the month of June, uNhlalungana. Set is the Ntr of Disorder & Corruption, a spirit of opposition which is in stark contrast to Heru.

There’s a certain religion I know filled with stories that closely resemble this Kemetic tale. It has things like virgin birth, resurrection, defeat of evil etc. The Greeks were the first to plagiarize all of this data. They created Osiris (Asar), Isis (Auset) and Horus (Heru).

According Greek Historian, Plutarch (46AD - 120 AD), Osiris was associated with the moon. Since the moon has its Lunar cycle, it will somewhat disappear at the end of the Lunar month and then re-emerge after three days. Osiris is the God of Death and Resurrection.

In the Northern Hemisphere, they experience (as you may well know by now) the Winter Solstice in December. From the summer solstice to the winter solstice, the days become shorter and colder.

The sun appears to move south and gets smaller and more scarce. The shortage of crops and the short sun symbolises death as the Greeks wrote. Around December 22nd, the sun’s death was fully acknowledged...

because it had moved south continuously for 6 months and by then it reaches its lowest point in the sky.

For like three days (22, 23 & 24), the sun stops moving south. And during this 3 day pause, the sun resides in the vicinity of the southern cross (crux). And on the 25th, the sun moves one degree north, an event that marks the future return longer days, warmth and spring.

And as such, you get the notion that the sun died on the cross (southern cross/crux), was dead for 3 days, only to be resurrected and born again.

But the resurrection was not celebrated until the Spring Equinox (Easter). For that is when the sun overpowers darkness. At that point, that’s when day time becomes longer and the revitalizing conditions of Spring emerge.

The exact same process happens here in the Southern Hemisphere. Our Winter Soltice is in June and the “death” of the sun occurs around 22,23 and 24 June, with the sun moving one degree on the 25th. Christmas should be celebrated around that time here😂

Thanks for reading this whole thread. I’ll be making a series of them soon about the Kemetic calendar, Kush, Ethiopia and the principle of Ma’at, umthethokazi. For now, you can watch this documentary to learn more about the history of Kemet

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