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Ned Boulting

Ned Boulting

Sep 22, 2022
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I would like to talk about "parklets", and our priorities as a country. Bear with me. Currently, if you want to park a πŸš— on a street, you pay, in London, on average, just over Β£3 per week for the right to leave your what is basically your private property on the road. 1/3

But if you want to, as a community, repurpose a parking space, to create mini seating, play or meeting area for the street, you'll be paying a HUNDRED times that much (on average) to your local council. 2/3
This is mad. To find out more, and to join the movement to repurpose our streets, take a look here: 3/3
It’s been great to feel the support for different ways of imagining street space. But also, so odd to feel the kickback from certain accounts. I mean, my street is a quarter of a mile long and half our pavement space on both sides is taken up by cars. This is not unusual.
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