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My wardrobe as soon as I feel a hint of that fall breeze. 🖼 Rembrandt van Rijn, “A Polish Nobleman,” 1637, oil on panel

Shown from about the waist up, a light-skinned man with sagging jowls and a double chin wears a fur garment and hat, a large teardrop pearl earring, and gold chains in this vertical painting. In front of a cracked gray stone wall, the man's body is angled to our right but he turns his face to look at us with brown eyes under a furrowed brow. He has a bulbous nose, and his lips are slightly parted under a wide, wispy mustache. His brown hair is mostly hidden under the tall dark brown fur hat, which is wrapped with a gold chain with a gold medallion at the front. The chestnut-brown fur coat looks especially fuzzy along the neckline, which is also encircled with a thick gold chain. A gold, crown-shaped pendant with a black brush hangs over his right shoulder, closer to us. He holds a gold-tipped cane with his right hand, his thumb extended along the cane. The artist signed and dated the work in the upper right corner, "Rembrandt f: 1637."
Celebrate the first day of the new season with these warm, autumnal shades courtesy of Rembrandt van Rijn.
Notice how the sitter’s massive gold chain and medallion shines brilliantly against his dark fur coat. Through dramatic accents of light and dark, bold brushwork, and dense application of paint, Rembrandt created a powerful, almost sculptural presence.
By emphasizing the man’s furrowed brow and shading of his eyes, Rembrandt portrayed him as a thoughtful individual. The sitter’s striking resemblance of his features to Rembrandt’s makes one wonder if this painting is a fanciful self-portrait. 🤔
Take a deeper dive to see more works by Rembrandt van Rijn ➡️   (38 x 26 in., Andrew W. Mellon Collection)
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