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Jessica Valenti


Sep 22

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- Raped children & cancer patients in Ohio are being forced to leave the state for abortions - Professors at Dartmouth's medical school say people should start donating blood in anticipation of patients with excess bleeding who have been denied care…

More children denied abortion in Ohio, along with cancer patients…

Abortion, Every Day (9.22.22)

There's more. - An Arkansas mom of 2 was denied an abortion in her home state even tho her fetus had a fatal abnormality. She says she won't have more children: "Because I know once I get pregnant, I stop mattering.”…

Not done yet. - A new report shows top YouTube videos about abortion contain anti-choice propaganda - Ohio Right to Life's reaction to a woman who had an abortion because of a fetal abnormality:"It is inhumane to treat an unborn child as though they are a pet to 'put down'."

Super fucking 'pro-life' country we live in right now!

Jessica Valenti


Feminist author (Sex Object, The Purity Myth & more), columnist. Writing about abortion, every day

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