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Sep 23

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"your dog is a junkie for fetch and you are a bad person for indulging them" is a bad take, but insisting that everyone *else* is the asshole for getting mad at you for a take like that is something that could only happen on twitter (or tumblr)

there are some truly fucking unpleasant writers in the world.

i also give no quarter to huge accounts who pick small accounts out of their mentions to quote tweet for abuse, fuck you, you're a bad person if you do that shit.

like, there's a nuanced take, which is "be careful not to run your dog too hard when you play fetch!" which is a completely uncontroversial and non-antagonistic way to make the same point no one asked for



if you like me, i am shamelessly going to promote @tragicloverspdx. if not, well, you can always yell at me here.

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