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Sep 23

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I can’t stop thinking about how evil it is what Brett Favre did. A wealthy, famous white man - from a state with an unparalleled history of racialized poverty - steals welfare dollars from its poorest people. Truly super villain shit.

The state willfully shovels tens of millions of dollars at Favre and other con artists … While systematically denying the people of Jackson clean water…

Activists in Jackson, MS are uniting to address environmental redlining which has led to the ongoing water crisis in the Magnolia State.…

Jackson, MS Activists Call for Action Now in Ongoing Water Crisis

As someone who is hyper-focused on the systemic/institutional dimensions of racism, and less interested in playing a game of “who among white folks is even more racist than usual?” god damn Brett Favre did some textbook racist stuff.

It’s worth noting that there is a long, dark tradition of white power brokers enriching themselves while purposefully oppressing Black Mississippians. It is a topic I cover extensively in my new book…

Transforming Schools From the Ground Up…

Change Agents

Transforming Schools From the Ground Up

Justin Cohen (he/him)


Azad’s dad & author. Change Agents w/@corwinpress drops this fall. Pay teachers, abolish policing. 💜 @227Place @nonewjails_nyc @wayfinderfndn

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