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This year all my students put their phones in their bags and their bags at the front of the room. I hold myself to the same standard. To any teacher that's like, "Phones are super powerful tech tools, but is the distraction too much?" It's so much better without them. 1/

One of my students said, "This is the most I've ever known my classmates." Another said that the only class she doesn't have to put her phone away in is the worst grade she has. I mean, one even said, "I didn't know my battery could last through the day." 2/

I'm seeing more assignments turned in, more collaboration during group work time, more kids sitting and reading for extended periods of time, and more students willing to ask questions when they're stuck (instead of sneak out their digital pacifier to avoid struggling). 3/

To any teacher who's like, "Well, I'm trying to teach them to manage their devices. How will they learn to regulate if I don't give them a chance?" All, this isn't about regulating a behavior. It's about breaking harmful habits around dopamine and emotional regulation. 4/

If you're on the fence about banning phones in your classroom, do it. I'll never go back, and removing the phone from the pocket has helped the most. It helped that the whole school pivoted to this, but the pushback has been so much less than expected. 5/5

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