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🉐 Emperor Osmo🧪(Hathor Nodes)

🉐 Emperor Osmo🧪(Hathor Nodes)

Sep 23, 2022
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1/11 BREAKING: $ATOM 2.0 will be revealed September 26. 🧵👇

2/11 That's right @Cosmoverse | Medellín Sep 26-28 🇨🇴 will set the stage for the next chapter in $ATOM and the future of the Hub. With the full reveal of... 👉 Interchain Security 👉 $ATOM 2.0
3/11 The best way to explain Interchain Security 👇 👉An upgrade in $ATOM scalability and profit generating model for Stakers in the ecosystem. Here's how...
4/11 Validators in the Cosmos Hub will have the ability to validate other blockchains, called "consumer chains" as well as on the Cosmos Hub. Consumer Chains to Date: - @Quicksilver Protocol - @Neutron ✴️ | Cosmoverse Sept 26-28 🇨🇴 Why would a chain want to enable ICS?
5/11 It provides a huge value proposition! Leveraging the value of $ATOM (4.3B) to secure consumer chains. Why? ✔Fee generation is aligned with the Hub ✔Lower Barrier to launching blockchains ✔Lower Cost of Security (Finding Validators) ✔Sovereignty and Security
6/11 $ATOM will create a cycle of perpetual Value and Security... Here's how 👇 The more value that comes into Cosmos ➡ The more secure it becomes. The more secure it becomes ➡ The more value is generated for the Hub. Value that is directed to ATOM Stakers!
7/11 The value proposition for Hub validators and stakers? 👉Cosmos validators will generate revenue from not only staked $ATOM but also... Consumer chains enabling Interchain Security! Turning $ATOM into a yield generating token for ALL of the Cosmos.
8/11 As we approach Cosmoverse, the biggest change to $ATOM is being talked about. The statement of the week goes to @Zaki ⚛️🧮🍷 "We're gonna make EIP-1559 look like a joke" 🔥 Hinting at a deflationary mechanism for the $ATOM Token!
Cryptocito Clips

Cryptocito Clips

9/11 All you have to do is pay attention to the market sentiment. $ATOM has outperformed every top tier asset over the last month. As anticipation continues to build for the big reveal, I leave you with this...
10/11 "We estimate the value of the Cosmos Hub to be 160x its current market capitalization by 2030." - Vaneck There's a reason why the @Cosmoverse | Medellín Sep 26-28 🇨🇴 Keynote is this titled this ! 👇 "1K $ATOM LFG"
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1/11 BREAKING: $ATOM 2.0 will be revealed September 26. 🧵👇
🉐 Emperor Osmo🧪(Hathor Nodes)
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