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The lies they spread, the temple attack & attempted lynching of a Hindu boy driving home, the bashing of Hindu homes, smashing of Hindu cars, the knife attack and punching of a Hindu woman are just a #Hindutva victim narrative. Anti Hindu hate crimes are your fault. #Hinduphobia

This is not at all Hinduphobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not Indophobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not Hinduphobia

This is not incitement to hate Hindus

This is not Anti Hindu hate

These are peaceful protests not targeting Hindus and platformimg Hindu hate speech

Not about Hindus, only about RSS BJP Hindutva Fascists

Not anti Hindu hate crime

Not anti Hindu hate crime

Not anti Hindu hate crime

Not deliberate targeting of Hindus

Not spreading propaganda to justify anti Hindu hate crimes

Not covering up incitement propaganda

Not going to Leicester

Not tagging friends on FB to incite them to go after Hindus in Leicester on the back of a witch hunt over something that never happened despite receiving police statements that ruled out the accusations.

Not targeting Hindus or calling to put the rabid dogs down, these dirty cow piss drinkers, to bash them.

Not organising attacks on Hindus

Not organising attacks on Hindus

Not organising malicious attacks on Hindus on the back of false claims about Hindu boys attacking women, children and the elderly. Not ignoring the police advice that it was ruled out.

Not spinning the issue or accusing the police of failing to deal with an incident that never happened to incite hate crimes against Hindus.

Not spreading lies & propaganda. Not making rape threats to "shag these lots mums too". Not threatening to go "find and chop them up". Not threatening to "clear these dogs out". Not calling the brothers together to commit violent crimes against Hindus. Not ignoring calls to stop.

Not Hindu hate speech. Not calling to break the head of Hindus.

This is not violent Muslim gangs out smashing Hindu cars and homes.

This is not violent Muslim gangs out attacking Hindu homes and cars. This is not a stabbing of a man. This is not anti Hindu hatred in Leicester UK. This is just normal Muslim street patrols of predominantly "Hindutva extremist areas".

This is not a threat to kill or wage pogroms against Bangladeshi Hindus due to the refusal of Leicester Hindus to capitulate to the supremacist demands of Islamists in the UK. Not #Hinduphobia. Not #AntiHinduHate

This is not a false allegation of a mosque desecration. And these are not incitement to commit hate crimes on Hindus by accusing them of blasphemy in Leicester UK.

This is not a new video threatening to commit more hate crimes on diaspora minority Hindus on the back of false claims about what "Modi allows Hindus to do to Muslim women in India or to mosques in India."

This is not people laughing or intending to join in with the hate crimes.

Innocent Pakistani Muslims don't know what is going on with the attacks on Hindus as the brothers from Brum aren't sharing the plans with them on social media groups everyone can see and partake in. The Gujurati Muslims suck up to BJP so Pakistani Muslims have to take over.

This isn't a known anti Hindu liar and propagandist manipulating the only audio they could get to vilify Hindus in Leicester as anti social trouble makers. Listen to them below. They are not simply enjoying their culture and music in public space as per their legal rights.

This is not an admission that police have been pressured to stop Hindus enjoying their legal right to exist in Leicester. It is not an admission they intended to take the law into their own hands because how dare Hindus take up oxygen. Listen to the Mushriks enjoy themselves.

This is not an intent to carry out harassment by Muslim mobs at Hindu temples despite knowing this program was cancelled well in advance. As you can see the schedule of 'protests' is a copy paste of the original flyer.

This is not a local Muslim leader admitting the community knew the talk at Durga Bhawan was cancelled weeks prior to the alleged 'protests' against alleged 'RSS BJP'. It is not an admission he was unable to stop a known extremist from mobilising to terrorise senior citizens Tues.

This isn't them amplifying the hatred about this long after everyone knew the events were cancelled to mobilise Islamists torment senior Hindu citizens in Birmingham.

These attacks are not driven by outside Islamist networks. They are purely driven by the moral conscience of UK Muslims who wish to stand up against Mushriks for drinking cow piss since the alleged Hindutva leader long cancelled her program in the UK.…

This is not a vexatious conflation of a Hindu cultural centre and temple run by elderly Hindus in Birmingham with a RSS Hindutva HQ to incite extremists to terrorise old women and men. This did not hinge on lies Hindutva men were protesting there & counter protest was required.

This is not an attack on a Hindu politician @Priti Patel MP for vexatious smears she is associated unlawfully with terrorists. Nor is it another example of the same methodology Islamist groups have been forcing on Hindus in diaspora for the past year at least relentlessly worldwide.

It is entirely reasonable to force persons of a religion to condemn acts of foreign actors, even when they are not listed as terrorists or on any consolidated list anywhere in the world. It is ok to smear Hindus as extremists, hate groups and terrorists due to cow dung & piss.

The dumb bitch interviewing Kaffirs is a nasty description. Killing them is ok.

Not #Hinduphobia. Not #AntiHinduHate. Not Homophobic anti Hindu bigotry. "These Leicester Pakis need to fix up what types of pussy shit us this, letting the fucking vegetarians bully them."

This is not Hinduphobia. This is all about fascist Nazi politics.

We told you there were no Hindu terrorists. The @BBC @The Guardian and all the violent propaganda machines worldwide must be investigated by intelligence. The 5 Eyes need to do their job before Hindus are forced out of their countries and our big Indo Pacific deals are made void.

5 Pillars are not undermining attempts to resolve violent mobs attacking Hindus via interfaith as they are sold out and the Islamist extremists on the ground have lost confidence in their ability to impose Shariah compliance upon the disbelievers.

Leicester Muslims are not forwarding many times this conspiracy theory against a Hindu business claiming they organised and supported London Hindus to "riot". They do not claim the owners "pervert our mothers and sisters" and is #RSS fascist to incite Muslims to target them.

This is not 5 Pillars being made to issue a statement clearing the Hindus of stabbing a traffic warden nor clarifying malicious statements made against them by Islamists that they are prejudiced against Muslims, supporting and covering up for Hindutva terrorists.

This is not Majid lying about stabbings done by Hindus to incite Muslims to violent "retaliatory" attacks on Hindus.

This is not a local Muslim leader saying we don't blame Jewish people for Zionism and don't blame Hindus for Hindutva as if anyone is going to believe it.

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