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Sep 23

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❝फिर आज है दिल रो रहा सब कह रहे बरसात है❞ #Barsaat is one of my most favourite songs. It has a special place in my heart and it will stay with me forever 💙 1 YEAR OF BARSAAT [A THREAD] @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Amaal Mallik @KUNAAL VERMAA @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

365 days since the release of this song and still i can't get over its magic. The feels BARSAAT strike all chords of my heart. Whenever I listen it, my eyes automatically gets filled with tears making my heart empty. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Amaal Mallik @KUNAAL VERMAA @Daboo Malik

Everytime I listen "सासों में है जो उसे भूलना इतना भी कहाँ आसान है, करके देखले सौ कोशिशें नामुमकिन सी यह बात है" part, I literally get goosebumps. How deep and beautiful yet so simple the lyrics are. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Amaal Mallik @KUNAAL VERMAA @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

How beautifully the feeling of a person who did true love but is now heart broken is penned. Armaan's voice makes me feel all those emotions. The music is beyond magical. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Amaal Mallik @KUNAAL VERMAA @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

I have no words that can describe its beauty but I must say that this is one of the best creations by Amaal that will surely stay with me in my playlist in my heart till the end. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Amaal Mallik @KUNAAL VERMAA @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

The video of BARSAAT makes me smile as well as cry too. All the cute moments of Armaan and Medha leaves me all smiles, especially the beach scenes. But when they get separated I was in tears. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

They way Armaan has shown the pain with his facial expressions in the video clearly shows how deeply he has felt that and how good actor he is. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

"Barsaat" introduced DIRECTOR DABOO MALIK to me and no doubt his vison is too good and for me he is one of the finest directors in the industry. How beautiful, simple and so heart touching the video is. @Daboo Malik @MWM Entertainment

Barsaat is so special for me because of many reasons but something that makes it even more special is that all three Mal(l)iks came together playing different roles to give one best heart touching song that will stay with people throughout their life. @ARMAAN MALIK 🦋 @Daboo Malik



In my silence, there's a ROAR | I write to express🖋 | ❤Happiness is being an #armaalian #krusher ❤ |Staning The Best Humans Armaan Malik Amaal Mallik Krizba|

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