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nicki minaj is only successful cuz she slept her way to the top…if she didn’t sleep with drake or wayne she woulda remained irrelevant

adele is not a vocalist…she can sing fine but she is not at the same level as patti labelle, billie holiday, gladys knight, or aretha franklin

olivia rodrigo is only successful because she portrayed herself as the victim for sympathy…just like her fave taylor swift

ariana’s popularity exploded because of manchester and mac miller’s death…she would’ve just faded into irrelevancy by now if they didn’t happen

beyoncé is overrated…hearing a millionaire singer brag about her wealth in her songs even though she probably got to where she is by exploiting her workers for profit is completely tasteless

doja cat is also overrated her rapping is fine, but her singing is croaky and unpleasant (probably cuz of the vaping 💀💀)

mariah carey is not as culturally influential as people make her seem all of her “innovations” that she’s credited for can be traced back to real black women who did it first, like janet jackson, whitney houston, minnie riperton, and mary j blige

rihanna leaving the music industry should not have been that shocking to people sure she was a popular singer, but she was never a real artist who actually treated her songs like art…it was always just a stepping stone for her to become another unethical billionaire

justin bieber is overhated when his music isn’t even that different from other pop songs 34+35 is literally just yummy, but got way less hate for some reason

for every pop singer, there are at least a dozen indie/underground artists who do what they do better

britney spears’ career was always gonna be short term she wasn’t a good writer, she was a mediocre singer at best, and she was just an above average entertainer

katy perry was always gonna fall off, idk why that’s so surprising her success relied on hopping on trends, just like post malone, and when the trends change their careers fall off

taylor swift is the prime example of capitalizing off a victim complex she deluded her stans into thinking she can do wrong and is always a victim in order to promote these parasocial relationships, which pushed them into wasting their parents’ hard earned money on her

i feel like bruno mars doesn’t get talked about enough despite his talent and success in songwriting, producing, vocals, musicality/musicianship, and choreography/performing

lana del rey deserves much more credit for her contributions to pop music and her artistic integrity

megan thee stallion is the most talented female rapper of today i’m genuinely surprised she’s not more successful on the charts than she is, but nevertheless she’s doing great for herself

jlo is way too overhated imo all the background singers on her songs were properly credited, the producers made the decision to move those background vocals higher in the mix, and the record executives made the decision to use the samples and unreleased music they used for her

if people took cupcakke’s non-sexual music more seriously, she would be on more people’s favorite female rapper lists

i don’t see dua lipa having much longevity her music is very feel-good and danceable, but without more depth she’ll end up just like katy perry in the future

kelly clarkson is really underrated nowadays unfortunately even though she’s still one of the best current singers i’ve heard

lizzo’s a good artist, but if she doesn’t talk about other topics in her lyrics and continues to make these superficial #GirlBoss songs, then i don’t see her having longevity either

bad bunny is completely overrated and i’m sick of the d!ckriding people do for him the album was fine, but let’s not act like his lyrics aren’t mid, his vocals aren’t mid, or his style isn’t boring

i’m genuinely shocked that harry styles is still relevant when the second single from his very first album flopped, i assumed he would just fade away from the mainstream and become another irrelevant ex-boy band member…unfortunately i was wrong 💀

i’m so sick of people defending shakira for her tax evasion we have to pay our taxes every fvcking year, but apparently these wealthy a$$ celebrities are so entitled that they think they don’t need to…if she doesn’t pay her taxes then she should go to jail



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