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Sep 23

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I’m trying how to do habit stacking using a physical object. Perfect use case: once I’m done brushing, remind me to do 2 pushups. Simple implementation: write on the mirror, but that starts getting ignored.

Other ideas: - A smartwatch that detects motion of the wrist and pops a notification (but I don’t wear smart watch first thing) - A motion sensor in the toothbrush cup holder that triggers a sound like.. “Good morning Paras, don’t forget to do two quick pushups after brushing”

I know the last idea is the simplest and most effective. Can be implemented using Arduino or Raspberry pi with an IR sensor and speaker. But I’m too rusty with those. Anyone wants to help build a prototype? I’ll pay for materials. DM me if interested.

This tiny device can help build many tiny habits. Put it in front of work desk and it detects you’re sitting there and reminds you to write todos before you start work. Put it in front of TV and it reminds you not to see TV in a certain window of time. What else is possible?

This can actually become an Amazon Dash like button. A programmable button you can stick anywhere and it contextually reminds you about behaviors you want to make into habits.

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