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Sep 23

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Why is the founder of Raíces Venezolanas Miami aka Venezuela Awareness Foundation (FL nonprofit) promoting Jack Posobiec, Anthony Aguero, Oscar Blue, TX Gov Abbott, and sending Venezuelan immigrants to Martha's Vineyard??🧵

Here she thanks Anthony Aguero for his reporting (5 days ago)

Another example 9/13/22

8/10/22 She retweets a copy of the consent waiver given to migrants to **dispute** their false claims about being bussed against their will by TX Gov Abbott

Here she likes a tweet that Venezuelan migrants were sent to Martha's Vineyard from TX

8/8/22 She tweets re: Trump's political persecution. Rough translation: US analysts, journalists, lawyers and politicians repeat the judicial violations committed against #Trump are comparable to those committed in Venezuela. Political persecution against opponents

Her commentary 4 days ago reiterating TX congressman's assertions re: Venezuelan criminals being sent to our border.

Retweeting Jack Posobiec

Her instagram account has several interviews like this one from Oscar Blue (3 days ago)

For reference, these 3 "journalists" frequently work together to exploit the border crisis and immigrants

See previous thread on these 3 🤡🤡🤡 who happened to be in San Antonio area as immigrants were being sent to Martha's Vineyard…



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Hmm. Who else was coincidentally in San Antonio reporting on the "border invasion" just before Venezuelan migrants were paid $200 and sent on a plane to Martha's Vineyard? You will recognize these frequent border propogandists, well known for exploiting immigrants.🧵below

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Raíces Venezolanas Miami asks that you make appts with "Daniel" before arriving and they gladly accept Zelle 786 281 0452

Here the founder, Patricia in FLORIDA likes a tweet from Chief Patrol Agent in Del Rio, TX. If you recall the immigrants in San Antonio were given a Whatsapp message number from the Del Rio area.

Previous thread re: Oscar Blue, Aguero, Bergquam, Oscar Blue Media Team has now deleted their Insta account

Again promoting Gov Abbott

Has anyone (much smarter than me) looked into this FL non profit, connections to TX, possible connection to the migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard?? Hint hint @MINDF©️K 😬

Patricia says "she feels bad for the Venezuelans who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard but added DeSantis was trying to bring attention to a problem that the Biden administration does not want to take on.”…

One Venezuelan said they were "throwing away" victims of communism, while others applauded the move on social media.…

DeSantis sending asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard divides Venezuelan Americans



Doing my part to help connect the dots and identify Jan 6th DC terrorists.

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